Helping farmers, growers and landowners with sustainable catchment-sensitive farming

Free help and advice on protecting soil, water and wildlife

Catchment Sensitive Farming

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is working in partnership with the Environment Agency and Natural England to deliver the Catchment Sensitive Farming Project on the Isle of Wight. This project aims to provide well informed advice and guidance to farmers and landowners on all aspects of catchment sensitive farming. The project officer will also provide assistance with applications for grant funding to protect water resources, address diffuse and point source pollution and enhance wetland habitats.

The England Catchment Sensitive Farming Initiative (ECSFDI) has been active for a number of years covering 40 priority catchments in England and the Isle of Wight Catchment Sensitive Farming Project represents the delivery of the ECSFDI on the Isle of Wight. For FREE help and advice on protecting soil, water and wildlife contact us on 01983 760016 or by e-mail at

What we do

Finding solutions to problems involving:-

  • Soil run-off and erosion
  • Water pollution or water availability
  • Diffuse pollution of nutrients and pesticides into watercourses

Accessing funding for:-

  • Buffer strips
  • Tree planting
  • Farming with lower inputs

Increasing wildlife and game through:-

  • Establishing and managing farmland habitats
  • Establishing and managing cover crops, small woodlands and hedgerows

Complying with legislation including:-

  • Water Framework Directive
  • Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
  • Soil Protection Review
  • Cross Compliance

Assistance with applications for Environmental Stewardship Schemes.